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Elevate your evaluation process by efficiently screening, interviewing, and vetting candidates with AI. Don't let the perfect candidate slip through—capture every potential hire with our streamlined evaluation process.

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Evaluating candidates has been the same for the past decades, until now.

We removed the need for manual work in creating and conducting interviews, assessing and ranking candidates, and analyzing and processing data. Our automated process allows recruiters to save time and money while advancing top applicants more quickly. It's as easy as one-two-three.

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1.- Create Your Job Application

Easily create a new job opening using AI. Invite candidates to apply effortlessly for your open positions.

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2.- Candidates Complete Applications

Applicants fill out their information, participate in automated interviews, and, for developer roles, seamlessly connect their GitHub accounts for a more thorough evaluation.

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3.- Review Reports and Make Decisions

Observe how your candidates are analyzed and ranked by AI. Read the AI-generated reports with in-depth analysis to make well-informed decisions.

Supercharge your hiring with powers.

Save around 70% of screening time, achieving a remarkable 4x increase in the quality of hire while saving $1.5K per recruitment.

  • Expert-Crafted Interview Questions

    Our finely-tuned model was created with inspiring questions by tech experts from companies like Meta, Uber, and Twilio.

  • Comprehensive Question Variety

    A mix of background, situational, and technical questions, including coding tasks, covering both hard and soft skills.

  • Streamlined Application in Minutes

    An 'Easy Apply' process that candidates love, taking just 25 minutes and providing instant feedback. Multilanguage support.

  • Voice-Powered Interviews

    Candidates answer using voice, gathering more data in less time, with recording playback for communication insights.

  • Unlock Candidates' GitHub Insights

    Unique GitHub data processing, making traditional resume-based screening a thing of the past. (Only for tech positions)

  • Tailored to Your Needs

    You can craft your own experience with custom questions and your own company branding to make it feel more personal.

  • ATS Friendly

    Connect Applicable AI to your own workflow and tools. Candidates' data is automatically synced to your ATS.

  • AI Assessment Ranking

    Our AI-driven system ensures unbiased assessment, using LLM models to provide fair evaluations of hard and soft skills.

  • Assessment Explanations

    Get an AI-powered summary and explanation of why talent met or did not meet the qualifications.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How can I trust the accuracy of AI evaluations?

      Our AI algorithms continually learn and adapt, improving accuracy over time. We also provide detailed data to support each evaluation.

    • Will it work for my specific industry?

      Our solution is versatile and customizable, making it suitable for various industries, including technology, finance, and more.

    • Where in my recruitment process should I use Aplicable AI?

      We recommend using our solution at the start of your recruitment process. It replaces traditional hiring with a more reliable and efficient method, helping you identify skilled candidates early and quickly.

    • I’m concerned about bias in the hiring process.

      Our AI technology is designed to eliminate bias and provide fair assessments based on objective criteria, ensuring equal opportunities for all candidates.

    • Can you read private repositories, or only the public ones?

      When developers submit their application, they grant us read-only access to both their public and private repositories via a Personal Access Token (PAT). This access is strictly used for evaluation purposes.

    • Can AI really replace the human touch in vetting?

      While AI plays a significant role, our solution enhances human decision-making by providing data-driven insights, ensuring more informed choices.

    • How do you handle NDA for the developers' private code?

      We use GitHub's official API through a secure protocol to access a developer's programming history data. No critical information is sent from their computer to our servers, eliminating NDA concerns.

    • Can you integrate with my ATS?

      Yes, Aplicable AI is designed to seamlessly integrate with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to streamline your hiring process and make talent evaluation more efficient.

    • Is it easy to use and integrate into our existing workflow?

      We offer user-friendly interfaces and seamless integration options, making adoption straightforward and efficient.

In today's job market, which is ten times busier than it was before, companies are overwhelmed with job applications, and only 10% of applicants will be reviewed, causing top talent to get lost.

Vetting positions is challenging, even for experts, and the cost of incorrectly screening candidates during the hiring process is high.

That's why we built Aplicable AI - to give companies like yours a leg up.

In the last months, we've helped hundreds of recruiters in evaluating thousands of candidates. I'd love for you to give it a try.

Mackey CEO & Founder of Aplicable AI

Mackey Vázquez

CEO & Founder of Aplicable AI